The Thembisa Mile: A Journey of Connectivity and Community Spirit

In the vibrant landscape of South Africa, where the heartbeat of community spirit reverberates, Herotel proudly stands at the forefront, connecting lives and empowering passion. The Thembisa Mile, an event pulsating with energy and determination, has become more than a sponsorship for us, it’s a shared journey toward a more connected and empowered future.

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve dreamt of a South Africa where everyone has access to faster, more affordable internet.

Thembisa holds a unique place in our hearts. It’s one of the first underserviced areas where we are actively working to showcase the transformative power of fibre. The passion and resilience of Thembisa’s community deeply resonates with us, making our involvement in the Thembisa Mile more than just a sponsorship, it’s a testament to our commitment to every community we touch.

Our commitment extends far beyond the 2023 race. By supporting the event’s timing services, we are ensuring the Thembisa Mile becomes a fixture on the local calendar, growing and evolving with the community. “It means a lot to us to have Herotel looking after our timing services,” acknowledges Mathipa, the founder of Thembisa Mile, emphasizing the pivotal role we play in securing the event’s future.

Connecting Hearts, One Mile at a Time.