Why you want to work at HeroTel

Joining one of the HeroTel WISP teams means you’ll become part of a group of people who are innovative and energetic, who work fast, move a lot and drink a significant amount of coffee! You’ll be coming into an environment where being a team player is a non-negotiable and a passion for everything WiFi and Fibre – in the fast-paced, 21st-century digital world – is assumed!

Yes, we work hard and for long hours, but we have fun while remaining committed to growing a network of WiFi and Fibre companies that prioritise solution-oriented thinking, get systems in place quickly to overcome challenges, and that re-invent processes as required in order to best serve our clients.

You want to join the HeroTel team?

No suitable current vacancies, but think you’re the right fit for our team?

We are always looking for heroes with the right skills, personalities and attitudes to join our team.

If you think you are an exceptional candidate that has what it takes to be a HeroTel superhero send us a 2-page CV with a short, specific motivational letter on how your skills will contribute to the game-changing culture at HeroTel email to: