Loadshedding – South Africa’s favourite subject! It’s bad enough when you can’t cook a meal or watch your favourite movie on TV, but many of us need to be online for work as well. With Herotel you can rest assured that your internet connection will remain up and running, even during load shedding.

Herotel has put in place a comprehensive plan and invested millions of Rands to ensure that our customers stay connected even during power outages. Our wireless towers are fitted with backup batteries, which can keep them running for several hours during load shedding. Our fibre POPS (Points of Presence) have backup generators that can power our equipment for extended periods of time.

But what about your home setup? If you have a UPS, (uninterruptible power supply), you can keep your router and ONU (optical network unit) powered during load shedding. A UPS is a battery backup system that can provide power to your equipment for a short period of time when the main power source is unavailable. This means that you can continue to use your internet and make important calls during load shedding.

If you don’t already have a UPS, they are widely available from electronics retailers and online stores. Prices for a UPS can vary depending on the capacity and brand, but you can expect to pay between R500 and R2000 for a basic unit. When choosing a UPS make sure to check the wattage requirements for your router and ONU, as this will determine how long the battery backup will last. On average, a UPS with a capacity of around 600-800VA should be sufficient to power your router and ONU for around two hours during load shedding.