Herotel Boosts Community Connection through iDiskie Nine Nine Tournament

Last year Herotel partnered with the iDiskie Nine Nine Tournament, making a significant impact on both the event and the local community.

Providing vital internet connectivity for seamless communication throughout the tournament, we also sponsored the kits for the finals, elevating the event’s professionalism. Beyond this, we ran special offers for spectators and facilitated on-site sign-ups for our services, engaging directly with the community.

With approximately 5000 attendees per day over two weeks, our involvement reached a wide audience, reinforcing our presence within the community. We also sponsored a prize pool of R150,000, enhancing the tournament’s competitiveness and supporting local sports initiatives.

The founders of iDiskie Nine Nine, Tebogo Modupi and Sizwe Makhendlas, expressed their appreciation for our involvement, highlighting our commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Our collaboration with the iDiskie Nine Nine Tournament exemplifies our multifaceted approach to community engagement. By supporting local initiatives and fostering connections, we reinforce our dedication to bridging the digital divide and empowering communities to thrive.

Watch the highlights showreel below.