Herotel’s Fibre Infrastructure: Numbers That Speak Volumes

In our latest newsletter, we decided to once again delve into the numbers that define our progress and growth, this time focusing on our extensive fibre infrastructure. As we continue our mission to connect every South African to high-speed, more affordable-broadband internet, these figures showcase the scale of our efforts and the impact we are making on communities nationwide.

Poles Planted: 191,313
Imagine a landscape dotted with 191,313 poles, each one representing a milestone in our journey to extend connectivity far and wide. To put it into perspective, this number of poles could span the length of approximately 10,000 rugby fields, standing tall as beacons of communication.

Cable Stringing: 8,765 Km
Stretching a remarkable 8,765 kilometers, our fibre cables can encircle the entire coastline of South Africa more than four times. This vast network is the lifeline that enables seamless communication and bridges the gaps between urban centers, neighborhoods and the world!

Trenching – Conventional: 3,134 Km
Our commitment to traditional trenching techniques covers a distance equivalent to traveling from Johannesburg to Durban and back again, highlighting our adaptability and versatility.

Cable Floated: 2,337 Km
Imagine a straight line of cable floating above the ground for 2,337 kilometers. That’s equivalent to traveling from Johannesburg to the majestic Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. This remarkable feat showcases our commitment to reaching even the most remote areas with seamless connectivity.

Manholes: 10,932
With 10,932 manholes, we could pack the Sydney Opera House in Australia to capacity TWICE and still have space for more. These manholes play a crucial role in our mission to create a seamless network of connectivity across South Africa, ensuring that every corner of our nation is empowered with high-speed internet access.

At Herotel, these numbers are more than statistics; they represent our unwavering dedication to creating a connected South Africa. As we continue to expand our fibre infrastructure, we remain committed to our vision of connecting everyone, from bustling cities to the furthest corners of our beautiful nation. Through innovation, determination, and a heart for our communities, we build bridges of opportunity, transforming lives, and shaping a brighter future for all.