Herotel Trolley Dash Fountains Mall

Herotel recently revved up the excitement at Global Leadership Academy’s annual Trolley Dash Race, held at Fountains Mall. Eager to make a difference, our team embraced the challenge and dashed through the aisles, emerging victorious as they crossed the finish line in first place.

With the same vigor that drives our high-speed Fibre network, our team meticulously constructed a custom-made Trolley, ensuring it was as swift and reliable as our connectivity solutions. The event not only ignited friendly competition but also served a greater purpose, as the groceries collected during the race were donated to support those in need within the local community.

Beyond the thrill of the race, our participation allowed us to connect with the youth from Global Leadership Academy, spreading joy and fostering a sense of unity. At Herotel, we cherish such opportunities to give back and build lasting memories with the communities we serve.

This successful outing at the Trolley Dash Race exemplifies our commitment to both fun and meaningful community engagement, as we continue to connect South Africans with seamless internet solutions and create a brighter future together. Congratulations to our team for their triumph, and heartfelt gratitude to Global Leadership Academy for hosting this impactful event.

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