Herotel Partners with Strictly Coffee!


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Strictly Coffee, the go-to coffee shop in the heart of Robertson. We are providing them with a fibre internet hotspot so that everyone who visits Strictly Coffee can quickly browse social media or answer that important email.

According to the owner, Richard (Surname), there are a lot of people who visit Strictly Coffee to do some work, sometimes they will be there for the duration of the entire morning and order one coffee after another, Richard went and equipped x5 of the tables in Strictly Coffee with plugs for laptops to charge on.

The good news is that Strictly Coffee also recently instaled a generator which means that they are open during load shedding, and you guessed it right, Herotel fibre also stays on during load shedding so if you happen to live in Robertson and work from home this can become your second office, you can sit and work during load shedding and order lunch or just something to nibble on.

Richard, had the following to say; “We heard a lot of good things about Herotel and we are so blessed that Herotel approached us with the idea of installing a WiFi hotspot, this enabled us to invite freelancers and people who work remotely into our shop and cater for them”

About our Hero Fibre

Our Hero Fibre products are well suited for all homes and small businesses. It will allow you to stream your favourite HD movies and series, make extensive use of cloud-based services, support up to 4-6 connected devices or users at once, do some online gaming and generally cater for your digital lifestyle. Choose the product that you think will best suit your needs and if you find that you need a little bit more, we’ll gladly adjust your speed for you.

Perks of Hero fibre,


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