Matsulu Welcomes High-Speed Fibre Internet

Hlengiwe Faith Khoza, a resident of Matsulu, became the first client to experience the power of high-speed fibre internet in her neighborhood. The installation marked a significant milestone not only for Hlengiwe but also for the entire community, signaling the arrival of reliable and fast internet connectivity in the area.

With the installation of fibre internet, Hlengiwe now enjoys a multitude of benefits. From seamless video streaming and faster downloads to drastic mobile data savings because the entire household can now connect to the router, fibre internet has changed the way Hlengiwe interacts with the digital world. What’s more, opting for a prepaid fibre internet plan, called Hero Prepaid, has provided her with the flexibility to manage her internet usage according to her needs and budget, making it an ideal choice for residents seeking affordable yet high-quality internet connectivity. Hlengiwe can conveniently top-up her prepaid fibre account with either a 7-day or 31-day package and continue enjoying uninterrupted internet access.

Signing up for fibre internet with Herotel is a simple process, designed to provide customers like Hlengiwe with a hassle-free experience. By visiting the Herotel website at and searching for your address, or contacting the nearest office, residents of Matsulu can easily sign up, free of charge, or simply just inquire about the available plans. With professional technicians handling the installation process, Hlengiwe found herself connected to the world of high-speed internet in no time.

For Hlengiwe and other prepaid fibre internet users, topping up their prepaid internet is easy with Herotel’s user-friendly portal which can be found at An alternative way to top-up is through banking apps via Easypay, or at designated Easypay & Kazang outlets in the area.