Herotel in the Lowveld. Connecting people and communities. 

Herotel, in partnership with RoundTable, recently extended support to local Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Lowveld region. Guided by our area managers, Comfort Madonela and David Exley, we identified deserving recipients for donations and support, demonstrating our commitment to community welfare. 

We donated essential items to NPOs and NGOs in Kanyamazane, Matsulu, and Barberton, including 18 beds, 18 blankets, and a washing machine. These contributions reflect our broader mission of improving community well-being beyond internet connectivity. 

In collaboration with RoundTable, these donations highlight the power of partnerships in driving positive change. While internet provision remains a cornerstone of our services, this initiative underscores our dedication to fostering connections within the communities that we operate in. 

This donation aligns with our core values, particularly our commitment to community engagement. By embodying our “community heart” value through concrete actions, we reinforce our genuine concern and appreciation for the local communities that we serve. 

Moreover, our employees, who also live within these communities, share the same challenges and aspirations as our customers. Their active participation in this initiative further solidifies our commitment to community welfare. From volunteering time to championing causes, our employees are deeply invested in making a difference where they live and work. 

Herotel cares deeply about our customers and community, and we are here to bridge the digital divide. With a focus on community connectivity and the active involvement of our employees, we continue to pave the way for inclusive growth and empowerment.