Herotel Empowers Women in Fibre Project: A Commitment to Community and Learning

Our dedication to social impact shines through our involvement in the Women in Fibre Project and similar initiatives, fostering growth and diversity in the telecommunications industry. The Herotel team demonstrated its commitment to our core values of Community Heart and Learning Minds through its successful participation in the Women in Fibre Project. This collaboration between Herotel, Digital Council Africa, and the MICT-SETA learnership programme not only empowered aspiring women in the industry but also created an environment of growth and diversity within the organization.

The Women in Fibre Project, a four-week practical training program, provided a platform for 20 talented women to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of fibre operations. These participants had the unique opportunity to receive invaluable on-the-job training, gaining hands-on experience in real-world scenarios and challenges. By providing such practical training, we ensured that these women were equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their careers.

Beyond technical training, we facilitated sales training for the participants, recognizing the importance of client interaction and relationship building in the fibre industry. This holistic approach to learning aimed to nurture well-rounded professionals who can thrive in all aspects of their roles.

As a testament to Herotel’s dedication to the Women in Fibre Project, Digital Council Africa awarded the company an honorary membership valued at R70,000. The heartfelt letter of thanks addressed to our CEO, Van Zyl Botha, acknowledged the company’s commitment to driving positive change in the industry and its invaluable contribution to the project.

The project’s success goes hand in hand with our core values and company mission, which prioritize equality, inclusivity, and the advancement of digital adoption. By supporting initiatives like the Women in Fibre Project, we actively contribute to a more equitable and prosperous society while simultaneously enhancing our brand reputation.

Through our Herotel Training Academy, we provided the participants with access to various training courses, covering industry-specific knowledge, technical skills, and personal development, emphasizing our dedication to fostering learning minds and creating opportunities for individuals to grow both professionally and personally.

As we reflect on the achievements of the Women in Fibre Project with pride, we remain committed to exploring new avenues for collaboration and seizing opportunities to make a lasting impact. By continuing to prioritize initiatives that align with our core values, we aim to shape a better future for the company, the telecommunications industry, and society at large.