At Herotel, our mission is to connect all South Africans to an excellent and affordable internet connection, no matter where they call home. We get that done with a mix of technologies to bring you the best connectivity experience possible.

So, what is Fibre Internet?

Fibre is the game-changing internet technology that delivers faster and more affordable connections, through the use of a fixed fibre optic cable directly into your home or business.

Fibre optic networks are usually found in more populated areas, like cities and towns, where existing infrastructure can be used to get the fibre to you. Herotel is proud of the fact that, as one of the fastest growing fibre internet players in South Africa, we have been putting down fibre optic networks in places where few expected them: Queenstown, Hoedspruit, Jeffreys Bay, Klerksdorp, Worcester and many others. We generally build aerial fibre networks that travel from pole to pole, instead of underground. This approach means we avoid damaging sidewalks and, more importantly, we can build it quicker.

The cost of installing the network is also cheaper, so we can offer you a more affordable price. If the need requires, we also sometimes use the more conventional method of trenching fibre underground. I all depends on what is required to give you the best possible internet connection.


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What about Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is a fantastic technology that beams the internet (from one of our towers) through the air, directly to your home or business.

To do this, we attach a small radio antenna to your roof, pointed at our tower. The antenna then sends and receives the internet over radio waves. To establish a connection, we require a clear line of sight. In other words, if something is in the way (like a tree of building), we cannot beam the internet into your home.

The general rule is if you can see the tower from your home or business, we will be able to broadcast internet to you.

One of the great advantages of wireless internet is that you can access affordable internet to places where fibre technology does not reach. In other words, it’s the ideal tool to connect more and more people, which is exactly the business we’re in.

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