Does upload speed matter?

Written by Hannes De Kock, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager

A common question we hear from people wanting to switch to us is “will there be a delay during my video calls?.” The reason for this is that a lot of internet companies have started selling packages with exceptionally low upload speeds, sometimes as slow as 1Mbps. And as anybody that has been on this kind of package knows, it really creates a terrible internet experience.

While the monthly prices on these packages are appealing, they create massive problems for people who are working from home and who also need to upload large work files. While everybody talks about download speeds it is really the upload speeds that ensure that video calls work the way they should.

This is also important for your family. As someone with my own family, I have first-hand experience with the heavy data consumption that comes with it. We have the additional need to do video calls with relatives staying more than 1000kms, as many people do. Children also need to learn online and upload school homework.

And if your child, or yourself, are gamers then upload speed is critical. You cannot do online gaming with anything less than a 50/50 line. Trust me on this one! Having a symmetrical connection means the data sent is just as fast as it is received making gaming as smooth as it should be. Upload speeds also affect streaming TV shows or movies, especially when different family members are all doing their own thing.

This is why Herotel only sells symmetrical monthly packages, which means that the download and upload speed is the same: because we know that customers will never have a good experience with slow upload speeds. The minimum you need for two people is 10Mbps download & upload, and 50Mbps for a large family.

We know that all of this can be very confusing, so we want to invite you to visit us at our local offices at 3 Emnotweni Street, Riverside Park, Nelspruit. Alternatively, phone us at 031 813 0000 or e-mail us at [email protected] We are waiting to welcome you to our connected family!