Leading Fibre and Wireless Internet provider, Herotel will once again be providing internet connectivity for organisers, vendors and visitors at the Bathurst Show.

Herotel began its journey in 2014 with the dream of connecting all South Africans to faster, more affordable internet. That vision was accelerated through a nationwide consolidation of 30 owner-operated businesses, which now all proudly fly the Herotel flag.

Internet connectivity has become an essential service in everyday life: it’s how people make money, school their children, connect with their loved ones, and entertain themselves after a hard day’s work. By building world-class fibre and wireless networks, Herotel enables their customers to become the heroes of their communities.

Herotel is currently the largest fixed wireless internet service provider in South Africa and a meaningful player in the local fibre industry, connecting over 125 000 home and business users to the internet across more than 400 towns and cities. Part of the success of Herotel is that they have local teams who live in your area building and maintaining the networks. As a direct access provider, Herotel services customers directly with no middle-man.

Hero Fibre is 100% real fibre which delivers true uncapped internet speeds up to 200Mbps, which means that everyone in your home will be able to enjoy great internet without any buffering or delays.

Hero Fibre is also the most affordable way to experience high-speed Internet service, significantly more affordable than older technologies like ADSL, LTE or traditional mobile data.

You will also be thrilled to hear that there are no upfront installation costs, you get a FREE to use WiFi router and setup by one of their qualified technicians. Another benefit worth mentioning is that you can save some money on your mobile data when you have Hero Fibre installed at your home or business, connect all your wireless devices to your WiFi router and forget the days of topping up data.

To find out more about Herotel or to sign up for super-fast internet, visit www.herotel.com