A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane for Herotel

As we celebrate our journey of growth and progress over the last 10 years, it’s time to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and witness the remarkable transformation of Herotel. From our humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest fixed wireless and fibre internet service providers in South Africa, our evolution has been fuelled by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to connecting communities.

Vehicles Then and Now

In the early days, our fleet of vehicles was modest, reflecting the small scale of our operations. Today, our impressive fleet of 567 modern vehicles stands as a testament to our expansion and the extensive reach of our services. As we continue to grow, our vehicles are a symbol of our ability to connect South Africans from coast to coast.

Logo Then and Now

Through the years, our logo has evolved to represent our progress as a company and our deep connection to South Africa. Vibrant colors symbolize our diverse nation, and the circular shape embodies the continuous flow of connectivity we provide. Notably, the logo’s subtle “legs” discreetly point to the nine provinces we operate in, demonstrating our commitment to connect every part of the country. As we continue expanding our reach and impact, our logo remains a proud symbol of our roots, vision, and dedication to empowering South Africans with reliable and affordable internet access.

Number of Customers Over the Years

As we embarked on our mission to connect every South African to reliable and affordable internet, the number of satisfied customers grew steadily. Today, we are proud to serve a vast and diverse customer base, spanning cities, towns, and rural communities throughout South Africa. Each customer represents a story of empowerment through connectivity.

Design Work Then and Now

Our design work has evolved in step with our growth, reflecting our commitment to creating a seamless user experience for our customers. From the early days of simplicity to the modern era of innovation, our design philosophy has always centered around user-centricity and accessibility.

Our Offices Then and Now

Our journey has seen us establish offices in various locations, each one contributing to our mission of connecting communities. From our early office setups to our modern, fully equipped workspaces, our offices serve as hubs of innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our connectivity mission is a reality for South Africans across the nation.

At Herotel, we cherish our past, celebrate our present achievements, and eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. As we continue our journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to connecting every South African to the world of possibilities that high-speed internet offers. Together, let’s forge a path of progress and continue to build a brighter future for all.