Our growing fibre and wireless internet coverage map

Herotel is painting South Africa bright orange with our growing fibre network! With over of over 46 offices throughout South Africa we are the local choice for world-class fibre internet. Not only do we offer the best fibre prices in South Africa, but our local offices guarantee lekker local service. With Hero Fibre you don’t need to choose between reliable, affordable internet and great service.

We take pride in the fact that we build our networks ourselves and maintain them with local teams, which ensures that the network will be well looked after. It keeps us honest because if the internet is great at your house then it’s also great for our employee’s families, with the opposite also true. The buck truely stops with us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are also no middlemen when you deal with Herotel. You buy directly from Herotel, so if there are any problems we will solve them for you ourselves. Middlemen just add costs to your bill, and by not having them we can continue offering you some of the lowest fibre prices in South Africa. Great Internet shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Hero Fibre is about great value and excellent local service. The internet has become a critical service that we all use to work, educate and entertain ourselves. Don’t settle for anything less but the best.


Herotel began its journey in 2014 by consolidating 33 independent internet companies that covered more than 500 small towns across South Africa. We were born and bred all over this beautiful country, which is why we want to connect as many people as to fast, affordable internet as possible. We have a burning desire to bring world-class Internet to small towns and rural areas.

Today, we have already built fibre to more than 100 000 homes and connect thousands more through our wireless internet products. All our packages come with a subsidised installation and a free-to-use Herotel router. You won’t have to pay any up-front fees to get connected. Our products are all offered on a month-to-month basis, there are no long-term contracts. But if you decide to leave within 12 months of being connected Herotel will claw back any subsidised installation fees.


We take pride in the fact that our 50Mbps Hero Fibre product is the best value in South Africa. It’s True Uncapped, which is our fancy way of saying that at no point will be slow down your internet speed for ANY reason. You get the exact speeds you pay for, all the time. We have also taken away pesky long-term contracts, which means our deals are month-to-month.


To get connected you won’t have to pay any upfront fees, but if you decide to leave within 12-months we will claim back the installation cost from you. Customers that stay beyond the first 12-month period will pay no installation costs at all, period. You’ll also get a free-to-use router to allow you to connect to our fibre via Wi-Fi


Our 50Mbps product is well suited for most homes and small businesses. It will allow you to stream your favourite HD movies and series, support up to 4-6 connected devices or users at any one time, do some online gaming and generally cater for your digital lifestyle. For connecting more users or devices, multiplayer gaming or extensive use of cloud-based services you should consider our 75Mbps, 100Mbps or 200Mbps services. Choose what you think will best suit your needs and if you find that you need a little bit more or a little bit less we’ll gladly adjust your speed for you. No strings attached.