Empowering Connectivity: Herotel Achieves Milestone as 3rd Largest Fibre Network Operator (FNO)

In just four years, Herotel has soared to become the third-largest Fiber Network Operator (FNO) in South Africa, reshaping the landscape of connectivity. This achievement isn’t just a statistical milestone; it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to connect every South African. Let’s delve into our extraordinary journey.

Ranking Among Giants: in addition to be one of the largest network operator in South Africa, our fibre network now passes over 556 700 premises. We are proud to be able to provide high-quality, high-speed broadband to almost 200 000 homes and businesses.  we proudly stand as the third-largest FNO nationally, more than a telecommunication powerhouse;

Numbers that Tell a Story: behind the scenes, our iconic orange fleet of vehicles traverses an impressive 513 074 kilometres monthly. This physical presence mirrors our promise to bridge the digital divide, ensuring connectivity reaches even the most remote areas of our country.

Community-Driven Connectivity, our journey extends beyond boardrooms and data centres into the heart of communities. From supporting local events to contributing to educational and training programs, we actively shape a connected future where opportunities are accessible to all.

A Legacy of Connectivity: celebrating our position as the third largest FNO isn’t just about a ranking; it’s a testament to the lives touched, businesses empowered, and a nation connected. This success belongs to every South African experiencing the transformative power of the internet.

Our journey is an ongoing narrative of empowerment, innovation, and connection. Join us as we pave the way for a future where every individual and every community are seamlessly connected to the boundless possibilities of the digital world.