Van Zyl Botha

Van Zyl moved from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch in 2012 to focus on the TMT industry and was part of HeroTel’s founding team. He co-invested with Alan Knott-Craig to lay the foundation for the group. He served as Financial Director, but focussed on and executed the company’s M&A strategy covering more than 30 strategic acquisitions. He was also responsible for raising capital and debt from initial angel, seed, venture, private equity, a rights issue and the current senior structured debt.

As the company is now moving towards organic growth and integration, Van Zyl was tasked by the board to serve as its Chief Executive Officer from 2019.

Before life at HeroTel, and after obtaining his qualification as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 2003, Van Zyl continued in the profession as an audit manager. He left the financial assurance industry and created a financial consulting firm focused on across the board private equity and the mining industry. He consulted to companies listed in SA, London and New York and private equity firms in Europe and in the USA. Van Zyl has been instrumental in mergers, acquisitions and the accompanying regulatory requirements of the JSE, TRP, Competition Commission and the SARB.

He has also dealt with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the USA and American Depository Receipt programs though the Bank of New York Mellon ( In addition he served on the forensic and litigation team of a listed company where recoveries in excess of R1.2 billion were made. Van Zyl joined the corporate world in 2006 and was promoted to serve on the board of a listed mining company as Financial Director at the age of 29.