Tzaneen Fibre is now live!

Herotel is proud to announce that a large part of its fibre network in Tzaneen is now live! Get speeds of up to 100Mbps at the some of the lowest prices in Tzaneen. Our True Uncapped 10Mbps line costs only R499 per month, almost R150 more affordable per month than most other fibre providers.

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There are two reasons Herotel are able to offer these better prices and service in Tzaneen.

How we build our fibre networks is the most important distinction. Fibre networks are typically built in one of two ways: under the ground or above it. Both methods use the exact same fibre cables, but Herotel believes that the latter is a far superior choice. Trenching through residential streets, driveways, walls and prize-winning flower gardens is an expensive endeavour that is damaging to private and municipal infrastructure. Residents have no say in the matter, and speed of deployment is the name of the game. And because it’s so expensive, those costs are typically recouped through higher monthly prices. In other words, going below the ground drives up monthly prices to residents and it can damage their property. Because of that, Herotel has made the choice to build an aerial mid-block fibre network. So that YOU pay less.

We construct our fibre network by planting a single pole in the municipal servitude between you and your neighbours. Mostly in the backyard, always with your written permission. In most cases, our fibre poles will not be visible from the street, except where we need to do a road crossing. This has numerous benefits: better public participation, less damage to private property, the ability to build a more inclusive network that doesn’t just focus on high-income areas and most importantly:  lower-priced packages.


The other reason we are able to offer a better price, service and a greater coverage is our Direct Access model. When you connect to a Herotel network you buy the service directly from us. If this sounds obvious, we totally agree. The curious thing however is that most fibre networks prefer to outsource the customer relationship to middlemen companies that are called ISP’s.  Herotel prefers a direct relationship with customers, not through a middleman.  Prices simply get more affordable when you don’t have to pay two companies for the same fibre, and it creates better service through a direct relationship.

Direct Access also motivates us to provide a better, more honest service. Customers can get what they need faster, directly from the source. Because we take full responsibility for our network, its reliability and its costs, you can bank on our responsiveness, our speeds and what you pay for them. We have stopped the buck at our front door, which is how we stay honest and how we keep you happy.

This philosophy of wanting to directly serve our customers also reflects in how we build – Herotel doesn’t allow outside contractors to build our fibre networks. That is why we are employing locally, because we know that outsiders don’t care for your town as much as the people who live here. We do it ourselves, with local labour, so that we can be sure the network is world-class, but not at the expense of municipal and private property. And we will service you out of our multiple regional offices, making sure that local always stays lekker.

The Tzaneen fibre network represents an investment into the local community, which will improve access to education, entertainment and open new business opportunities. As a further bonus to homeowners, it has been proven that access to fibre increases the value of properties over time.

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