Fibre now building in Arbor & Premier park

Herotel is proud to announce that it’s building a world-class fibre internet network in Arbor & Premier Park after completing the Aqua Park fibre network. Once complete, residents and businesses will enjoy lightning speeds of up to 100Mbps at the most affordable prices in South Africa. Residents will pay only R499 for 10Mbps True Uncapped Package, up to 33% more affordable than other Fibre networks, who seem to be getting more expensive.

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Gideon Stander, General Manager of Herotel Radioactive, says ”We’re proud of the fact that once complete, our network will be able to offer you the lowest prices for true uncapped fibre in Tzaneen. Don’t believe me? Give us a call, or drop us an email – we‘ll happily show you that nobody can offer the same quality connection for the same prices. My team and I pride ourselves on straight-talking, no jargon, no excuses service. We’re not here to confuse you with tech terms. We’re here to bring you the simple, affordable, world-class connection you deserve.”

”It’s important for us to bring real local service to Tzaneen, and that’s why we have opened a local office, supported by our neighboring branch in Hoedspruit. Both of these branches are staffed and run by locals. People who know, live in and understand our communities. People who are here to stay and grow our business in Tzaneen. People who want to make sure that local stays lekker, always.”

Herotel has opted to construct a fibre network that is strung mostly along poles in the mid-block between homes, which is the preferred method of large telecommunications companies like Verizon in the United States and British Telecoms in the UK. I want to stress that we NEVER plant poles without the homeowner’s permission. In most cases, we plant a single pole in the municipal servitude between you and your neighbours in a corner that we agree with you.  It is a quick and neat solution. No digging, no mess. The fibre cables we use are identical to the ones other companies bury underground by digging up your pavements, driveways and flower beds.


Stander adds, “Our network is designed to work brilliantly in all weather conditions and has a thirty-year guarantee. We will personally maintain it from our offices right here in Tzaneen. Our cables are strong enough to withstand trees falling on the lines (we’ve seen it happen!) and, if something does go wrong, they are easy to get to and repair. You’ll be back online before you can say: “Waar de ….”

“We’ll also continue using local labour for the next phases of our network expansion. It’s important to me that we do things the right way – contractors imported from outside the region don’t care for this place like our team does. I went to school here in Tzaneen and I believe in the families who call this incredible place home. Our desire is to connect all of them to super fast, affordable internet. This is our community and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Herotel team members, dressed in uniform, will be approaching residents of Tzaneen to plant poles within the servitude on their property boundary line. In gratitude for allowing us to plant a pole on their property, we will be offering a limited special promotion where we will double your line speed for the first year of service. Terms & Conditions Apply

The Tzaneen fibre network represents a technological investment into the local community, which will improve access to education, entertainment and open new business opportunities. As a further bonus to homeowners, it has been proven that access to fibre increases the value of properties over time.

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