Herotel is bringing fibre internet to Lydenburg

Herotel is proud to announce that it’s building a world-class fibre internet network in Lydenburg after receiving approval from the local municipality. Once complete, residents and businesses will enjoy internet that is faster (up to 100Mbps), more reliable and offered at prices far lower than ADSL, wireless or LTE. Simply put, it is a game-changing internet connectivity technology.

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Herotel is also proud to confirm that local labour will be used to build the network. Nico Lottering, who is the General Manager of Herotel Xpress Mpumalanga, says. “It was very important to me that we keep things local as opposed to importing contractors from outside the region who don’t care for Lydenburg. The same will be true when the network is complete. You will deal only with people from the area, real people who know where Lydenburg is and what the community stands for. Not some call centre in Cape Town or Johannesburg. 

Herotel has opted to construct a fibre network that is strung mostly along poles in the mid-block between homes, which is the preferred method of large telecommunications companies like Verizon in the United States and British Telecoms in the UK. Putting the fibre optic cables in the air has numerous benefits for Wonderboom South, but the most important is that it allows us to sell our packages for up to 33% less than if we had to trench underground. This is one of the reasons that Herotel has some of the lowest prices for Fibre in South Africa.  Residents will pay only R499 for 10Mbps True Uncapped Package, including a free installation and router.

Rest assured that it’s the same quality fibre network, we just put the cables in the air instead of under the ground. This also makes the network easier to maintain and spares residents the pain of digging up their gardens and sidewalks.


Herotel is also offering an additional perk to homeowners. “Our team members, dressed in uniform, will be approaching residents to plant poles within the servitude on their property boundary line. In gratitude for allowing us to plant a pole on their property, we will be offering a limited special promotion to those residents who assist us first,” he says. ‘’The Lydenburg fibre network represents a technological investment into the local community, which will improve access to education, entertainment and open new business opportunities. As a further bonus to homeowners, it has been proven that access to fibre increases the value of properties over time.’’