Same Great Internet. Bright New Chapter

Herotel was founded on the belief that an imbalance exists in the availability of fast, affordable internet services across the country. Today we are the largest fixed wireless Internet Service Provider in South Africa and a rapidly growing player in the fibre market.

We envision a world where Everyone is Connected, not just those selected by large corporate service providers.

Herotel set out to address these shortcomings through a nationwide consolidation of Internet Services Providers. To date we have acquired over 30 owner-operated businesses, who remained trading under their original brands. Over the past year we have been quietly aligning and integrating these companies behind the scenes. We have customers in every province and provide services in more than 400 towns. The concept has always been to create a single national entity, one that through scale, would bring about meaningful change to an industry that desperately needs a shake-up.

We believe that our vision has progressed to the point that it is time to unite these businesses under a single brand. We’re celebrating this milestone with a fresh new logo in a vibrant shade of orange. This new look represents our optimism for South Africa and the communities we serve. During February and March you will begin to notice this exciting change happening to our buildings, bakkies and social media pages.

As a group, we are as passionate about the platteland as we are about our cities. We are excited to play our part in bringing faster, more reliable and cheaper internet services to your community. We also live, work and play in these towns, so our interests are aligned.

If you give us enough time, we hope to bring lightning-fast internet to everyone, even those living it up in Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein!

Thank you to our customers, staff and suppliers for being part of our story. The future looks bright (bright orange, that is!)